Jumpnauts by Jingfang, Hao
Heaven official's blessing = by Xiu, Mo Xiang Tong
Heaven official's blessing = by Moxiangtongxiu
Grandmaster of demonic cultivation = by Xiu, Mo Xiang Tong
Strange beasts of China by Ge, Yan
To hold up the sky by Liu, Cixin
Vagabonds by Hao, Jingfang
A bond undone by Yong, Jin
Supernova era by Liu, Cixin
A hero born by Jin, Yong
The redemption of time by Baoshu
The day the sun died by Yan, Lianke
Notes of a crocodile by Qiu, Miaojin
Ball lightning by Liu, Cixin
The wandering Earth by Liu, Cixin
Death's end by Liu, Cixin
The dark forest by Liu, Cixin
The three-body problem by Liu, Cixin

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