Two nights in Lisbon by Pavone, Chris
Sleepwalk : by Chaon, Dan
Midnight dunes by Griffin, Laura
The red arrow by Brewer, William
Razzmatazz : by Moore, Christopher
With prejudice by Peguero, Robin
The island by McKinty, Adrian
Nonna Maria and the case of the missing bride : by Carcaterra, Lorenzo
Friend of the devil by Lloyd, Stephen
This train by Grady, James
And by fire : by Hawtrey, Evie
Bad actors by Herron, Mick
Lucky devil by Bunn, Cullen
The lady with the gun asks the questions : by Greenwood, Kerry
Eyes of the void by Tchaikovsky, Adrian
Thrill of the hunt : by Brown, Rita Mae
The murder rule : by McTiernan, Dervla
The lioness by Bohjalian, Chris
Overboard by Paretsky, Sara
Storm rising : by Hauty, Chris
The Marlow Murder Club : by Thorogood, Robert
When she dreams by Quick, Amanda
Strawberried alive by McKinlay, Jenn
The murder of Mr. Wickham : by Gray, Claudia

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